Find and Download E-Books and Software from at Huge Discounts or even FREE

Clickbank Thief Finds and Lets you Download Clickbank E-books and Clickbank Software at Significant Discounts and even Get Digital Products 100% FREE.

Animation Image of Clickbank Thief software main screen showing Clickbank Thief Software finding Numerous Discounts and Freebies on is a digital marketplace where thousands of vendors sell their E-books and software program. As a part of their marketing, most Clickbank vendors experiment with different prices for their E-book or software to see, at which price the software sells best.

Every time a Clickbank vendor does this a new order page is created by the Clickbank system for the product at that price. Sometimes a Clickbank vendor will even create a FREE order page $0 so they can test the flow of the checkout process to make sure the purchase will go smoothly for the customer. EVERY single one of these order pages, including the less expensive and free test pages, is stored at

Clickbank Thief finds all these vendor order pages allowing you to purchase their E-book or software program at the lowest price order page they ever created which means HUGE DISCOUNTS for you and sometimes you can even get the item FREE!!

Clickbank Thief Software Program Features

Video of Clickbank Thief Software

This video shows how to use Clickbank Thief Software to Quickly and Easily Find Digital Products (E-books and software) on at Huge Discounts and even FREE.

Images of Clickbank Thief Software

Clickbank Thief Software When The Program First Loads - Start Screen.
Clickbank Thief Software After Entering A Clickbank Checkout Page Url.
Clickbank Thief Software In The Middle Of Scanning The Clickbank Marketplace For The Different Checkout Page Prices.
Clickbank Thief Software Allows For Download And Purchase Of Lowest Price Item By Simply Double Clicking The Clickbank Item In The Software Window.
Clickbank Order Page Of The Lowest Price Vendor Deal Found By Clickbank Thief.

Is Clickbank Thief Legal?

Absolutely. All Clickbank Thief does is find hidden purchase pages at It is actually an error on the part of the system that these pages exist, assuming the Vendor does not want the internet public to know about them.

As an analogy, imagine Wal-Mart experiments with different price tags on their products. They discover the best price for an item is $29, however they ran tests in the past where they item sold for $9 at one time. They take the items with the $9 price tag and stuff them way in the back behind all the items with the $29 price tag so no one finds it. YOU happen to 'find' it and bring it up to the cash register and purchase it for $9. Have you done anything illegal?

This is EXACTLY what Clickbank Thief Software does. Clickbank Thief just happens to be so effective because it knows EXACTLY where to look for these deals. Not only does Clickbank Thief find the lowest priced purchase page for items but also discovers other products that CB vendor, at one time, created sales and purchase pages for.

Sample of the Kinds of Discounts Clickbank Thief Discovers

Below are images of Clickbank Thief showing actual E-books and Software program discounts on that were discovered by Clickbank Thief.

Discounts And Other Downloads for the Product Trick Photography And Special Effects Discovered By Clickbank Thief Software.
Discounts And Other Downloads for the Product Singorama Discovered By Clickbank Thief Software.
Discounts And Other Downloads for the Product Heartburn No More Discovered By Clickbank Thief Software.
Discounts And Other Downloads for the Product Battery Reconditioning Course Discovered By Clickbank Thief Software.
Discounts And Other Downloads for the Product Get Your Ex Back Discovered By Clickbank Thief Software.

Operating Systems Compatible with Clickbank Thief

Clickbank Thief can run on the following operating systems:

Linux Compatibility

How to run Clickbank Thief on Linux - run Clickbank Thief on Linux.

MAC Compatibility

Here are a few ways Clickbank Thief can run on MAC - run Clickbank Thief on Mac.

Download Clickbank Thief Software

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Clickbank Thief costs a single payment of $12 and is backed by our no strings guarantee and your purchase is also covered via Paypal Protection Guarantee.

Clickbank Thief Satisfaction Guarantee

Don't like the way the program works? We will give you your money back. Don't like the way the software looks. We will give you an instant refund.

The worst thing in the world an online business can do is piss off it sites visitors and customers. If you don't like the software and we give you a refund, the worst thing you can say about us is ?their software sucks, but they gave me my money back.?

Image of money back satisfaction guarantee.

Clickbank Thief Support

Here are step by step instructions on how to use Clickbank Thief.

If at any time you have questions about this software program and how to use it we will gladly provide you unlimited technical support by whatever channel of communication is best for you which includes:

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