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This video showcases all the hot keyword scraping features of Infinity Google Keywords software including how to use it, step by step.


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Infinity Google Keywords Scraping 1,256 Keywords And Not Even Close To Being Done Scraping
Infinity Google Keywords With Free Filter Applied To Remove Keyword Phrases With The Word Free
Infinity Google Keywords Filtered To Only Display Long Tail Keywords Over 4 Words Long
Infinity Google Keywords Filtered To Only Display Long Tail Keywords Over 6 Words Long
Infinity Google Keywords With Special Custom Text Filter Applied
Infinity Google Keywords Menu Item To Import And Sort Keywords

Infinity Google Keywords Software Program Features

One Thousand Plus Long Tail Keywords

Infinity Google Keywords Software uses a special, recursive, algorithm to produce massive list of long tail keywords:

  1. Infinity Google Keywords starts with a seed keyword/keyword phrase you Enter.
  2. Infinity Google Keywords scrapes all related and auto complete keyword phrases.
  3. Infinity Google Keywords takes all these scraped and auto complete keywords and puts them in the 'Keyword Bucket'
  4. The software takes each of the Keywords in the 'Keyword Bucket', one by one, and performs steps #➀ - #➂.

This incredible search algorithm causes the list of keywords to snowball and grow at an exponential rate. The end result is...

You extract and grab, literally, EVERY single keyword phrase that is in Googles database producing and incredible MASSIVE list of keyword phrases related to your original Seed Keyword.

You could, literally, let this software run for several days and pull 2,000 - 4,000 keyword phrases, approximately 20% of the keywords will be more than 4 words long and 10% of the keywords more than 6 words long.

100% Buyer Keywords

Infinity Google Keywords allows you to instantly filter out any keywords phrases with the word FREE in them so you can target long tail buyer keywords. (image) A simple tick of a checkbox and any keywords with the word FREE are removed. Focusing your content creation on these buyer keywords increases the percentage of traffic to your blog or website who are people ready to spend money.

Long Tail Keywords Over 6 Words Long

One Infinity Google Keywords filter option allows you to remove any keyword phrases that have less than 5 words in the keyword phrase (image) and another filter lets you remove any Keyword Phrases with less than 7 words in them (image). Approximately 20% of the keywords Infinity Google Keywords software pulls from Google are over 4 words long and 10% are over 6 words long with some of these keyword phrases containing as many as 8, 9, and 10 words in them!!

Combine FREE and 6 Words Filter for Killer Buyer Keywords

The real power of Infinity Google Keywords comes when applying these two filters at the same time:

  1. Remove Any Keywords with the word FREE.
  2. Only display Keyword Phrases with more than 6 Words.

For example, when we ran the software with the starting keyword phrase KEYWORD TOOL here are the results:

For your examination, here is that exact list of keyword phrases with the FREE filter and 6 WORDS filter applied:

Import Keyword Phrase to Filter and Sort them

Already have lists of keywords you would to be able to filter and sort? Import any list of keywords you have and then apply filters:

Operating Systems Compatible with Infinity Google Keywords

Infinity Google Keywords can run on the following operating systems:

Linux Compatibility

How to run Infinity Google Keywords on Linux - run Infinity Google Keywords on Linux.

MAC Compatibility

Here are a few ways Infinity Google Keywords can run on MAC - run Infinity Google Keywords on Mac.

Download Infinity Google Keywords Software

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Infinity Google Keywords software box.

Infinity Google Keywords costs a single payment of $19 and is backed by our no strings guarantee and your purchase is also covered via Paypal Protection Guarantee.

Infinity Google Keywords Soft Satisfaction Guarantee

Don't like the way the program works? We will give you your money back. Don't like the way the software looks? We will give you an instant refund.

The worst thing in the world an online business can do is piss off it sites visitors and customers. If you don't like the software and we give you a refund, the worst thing you can say about us is "their software sucks, but they gave me my money back."

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Infinity Google Keywords Support

Here are step by step instructions on how to use Infinity Google Keywords Software.

If at any time you have questions about this software program and how to use it we will gladly provide you unlimited technical support by whatever channel of communication is best for you which includes:

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