〘POF Auto Message Sender Tutorial〙

Step By Step Instructions On How To Use POF Auto Message Sender Software to Send 'Hello' Message to Advanced Search Qualified Plenty Of Fish Members as soon as they Come Online

This page contains step by step instructions, with images and video, on how to use POF Auto Message Sender Software to Send a Hello Message to Advanced Search Qualified Plenty Of Fish Members as soon as they Come Online.

How to Use POF Auto Message Sender Software

  1. Below is the POF Auto Message Sender Software program when you first run the software. POF Auto Message Sender is incredible easy to use with no learning curve whatsoever. To begin, press the programs main button Start POF Auto Messaging. (video)
  2. If this is the first time you are running the software will display a message box asking for your Plenty Of Fish username and password along with a small window to enter this information. Because the software sends messages to POF members on your behalf the software has to log in to pof.com as if it is you. Enter your POF username and password and click the Save button . The software will save this information so you don't have to enter it again in the future. The username and password form will be dismissed and the programs main start window (image) will appear again (video).

    NOTE: You can access this login form in the future, at any time, by clicking the menu item ViewUsername/Password Form.

  3. Press the Start POF Auto Messaging button (image) to begin the auto messaging process. The software will first log you in to Plenty Of Fish dating and then display the advanced search page so you can tell the software which type of people you wish to auto message.

    Make sure for Display Type you select Gallery and NOT Detailed.

    After you have selected your dating partner preferences here, press the Go Fishing! button (video).

  4. At this point the software will look for people on Plenty Of Fish who meet your advanced search criteria from the previous step who are currently online right now that have NOT been messaged previously by the software.

    This is a powerful feature of POF Auto Message Sender because if a POF member gets a message from you while you both are online (although YOU are not online the software is online on your behalf) this greatly increases the first email reply rate.

    After the software gathers a list of the people online who meets your advanced search criteria, POF Auto Message Sender will send a brief, introductory, Hello message to them. The software sends slightly different messages to each person. You can see a sample of these messages.

    The program will then store and save the profile ID's of the members it sends messages to so as to not message anyone more than once.

    The software automatically creates a 10 - 20 second pause between message sends so as to not be detected as software by the Plenty Of Fish website.

    As the software runs there is a Notifications window and Feedback window to keep you informed of exactly what the software is doing as it does it. There is also the profile thumbnail viewer so you can see who the program is messaging when it is messaging them (video).

  5. After POF Auto Message Sender sends messages to qualified members who are currently online, the software will pause for between 10 - 15 minutes at which time it will, once again, search for Plenty Of Fish members who have come online in the past 10 - 15 minutes and send them an introductory message (video).

  6. At any time you can stop the auto messaging process by simply clicking the button whose text now reads Stop POF Auto Messaging. When using this software at first, it is a good idea to check your Plenty Of Fish inbox fairly frequently (at least once per hour) because you don't want the software to run to the point where you have too many emails in your pof.com inbox to deal with. (bet you never thought you would have that problem) (video).

Additional Features of POF Auto Message Sender Software

Additional bonus features of POF Auto Messenger can be accessed via the programs menus:

Options Menu

Image of Pof Auto Message Sender Program Behavior Menu Which Lets You Float The Software On Top Of Others Or Keep The Program Folded Up And Out Of The Way Until You Move Your Mouse Over It.

View Menu

Full Size Image of Pof Auto Message Sender View Menu item.

Other Free Dating Sites Menu

Image of Pof Auto Message Sender Other Free Dating Sites Menu.

Help Menu

Image of Pof Auto Message Sender Help Menu.

Plenty Of Fish Dating Success Tips

How to Use POF Auto Message Sender Software [Video]

Demo of Additional Features of POF Auto Message Sender Software [Video]

POF Auto Message Sender Technical Support

If at any time you have questions about this software program and how to use it we will gladly provide you unlimited technical support by whatever channel of communication is best for you which includes:

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