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Viral Youtube Soft Start Screen - Find Youtube Keywords Instructions (module #1)
Viral Youtube Soft Start Screen - Check Youtube Competition Instructions (module #2)
Viral Youtube Soft Start Screen - View Youtube Competition Instructions (module #3)
Viral Youtube Soft Start Screen - Create SEO Rich YouTube Video Description Instructions (module #4)
Viral Youtube Soft Find Youtube Keywords Module Features And How To Use
Viral Youtube Soft Check Competition Module Features And How To Use
Viral Youtube Soft View Competition Software Module Showing Keyword Phrases Being Extracted
Viral Youtube Soft Video Description Builder Creates SEO Feature Rich Video Descriptions

Viral YouTube Soft Software Program Features

➃ YouTube Ranking Programs in ➀

Viral YouTube Soft has three different YouTube Ranking software programs built into one:

  1. Find YouTube Keywords: this software module takes a list of your keyword phrases and finds which of these keyword phrases show at least one YouTube Video result on the first page of Google.
  2. Check YouTube Competition: this software module searches YouTube for your keyword phrases and displays the number of Videos already on YouTube optimized for those keyword phrases. Quicky pick the golden nuggets that have little or no YouTube competitioni.
  3. View YouTube Competition: this software module displays data for YouTube videos already ranking for a keyword phrase such as the Keywords for the videos.
  4. Video Description Builder: this software module allows you to create long, engaging, SEO friendly, keyword rich YouTube Video Description that are professional. Simply fill out the text boxes and click 'Create Video Description'.

The ULTIMATE YouTube Video Marketing Strategy

Here is the Exact and Ideal way to use Viral YouTube Soft to come up with a Ripe, No Competition, Easy-to-Rank-for list of long tail Keywords:

  1. Start with a giant, raw, list of long tail keywords.
  2. Put this list in module #1 (Find YouTube Keywords) to filter out the YouTube keywords.
  3. Take this list of YouTube Keywords and put them in module #2 (Check Competition) to find which of these keyword phrases have little or no direct YouTube.com video competition.
  4. If your target keyword phrase does have ANY competition videos use module #3 (View Competition) to steal their video data such as their videos tags or keywords.
  5. Once you have created and uploaded your video to YouTube or other video share sites, use module #4 (Create Video Descriptions) to quickly create beautiful, one of a kind, video descriptions that YouTube, Google and your Video followers will love.

Find Hot YouTube Keywords

Many don't know this, but some keyword phrases will Never show a Video on the first OR second page of Search Results. That is because Google and other search engines don't deem video to be appropriate, quality content for these NON 'YouTube keyword phrases'.

You can post NON YouTube keyword based videos all year long and you will be wasting your Time.

The Find YouTube Keywords module within Viral YouTube Soft program takes your unlimited list of keyword phrases and searches Google returning which of the keyword phrases from your list show at least One YouTube.com Video result.

Posting Videos on YouTube.com using THESE Keyword Phrases in your Vides Name, Title, Description and Tag and Description Links:

Use the Copy YouTube Keywords to Clipboard menu item in Viral YouTube Soft to copy all of these keywords and then...

Filter Out Exact Long Tail Keywords with NO YouTube Competition

Use the Check Competition module within Viral YouTube Soft to instantly perfom a YouTube search using your YouTube keywords.

Within seconds get a birds eye view seeing exactly how many YouTube Videos are optimized for each your Keyword Phrases. With a fast glance you can immediately see exactly which Keywords to name your Video, Title, Description and tags with little to zilch direct competition from any other YouTube Videos.

The software displays each Keyword Phrase and the number of Competing Videos for Each Keyword Phrase neatly in a row.

Use the Examine Top 20 Competing Videos menu item in Viral YouTube Soft to copy all of these keywords and then...

View Competition, Reverse Engineer and Extract YouTube Video Keywords

Examine any YouTube Videos already on YouTube optimized for your target Keyword Phrase. Enter any of your Filtered, YouTube Keywords in the View Competition program module and in about 5 seconds view full details of any competing YouTube Videos including:

Create the Best, Feature Rich, Keyword Rich, SEO Friendly Video Descriptions

After you have found the perfect keyword phrases to focus your video on and stolen the tags of other YouTubers in your target keyword niche, the final elements of SEO, over which you have full control, are several text elements of the video, such as the videos Title, Tags and Video Description. This is where the YouTube Video Description software module comes to your assistance.

Most of the elements of creating a YouTube, Vimeo, Viddler, Daily Motion, etc., video are fun but, the creating a good, entertaining, lengthy, SEO friendly and information rich video description can the most laborious task of creating videos that get tons of view, likes and shares.

With ViralYouTubeSoft Video Description software, building a video description that use to take 25 - 30 minutes now takes 5 - 10:

  1. Fill out each of the question textboxes in the software.
  2. Click the Create Video Description button.

ViralYouTubeSoft Video Description software creates a full, keyword rich video description for you that contains all of these elements from the top down:

  1. A video introduction paragraph that tells the view what they are going to learn or get out of watching you video with a link back to your desired, target web page or blog post.
  2. A tangible reward for watching your video.
  3. Step by step instructions section related to your video.
  4. A short paragraph thanking the viewer for watching along with an invitation to contact.
  5. A 'Connect With Us' section which includes links to your social media such as your YouTube Channel, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus, and your website.
  6. A list of related, LSI keywords to boost the SEO value of your YouTube video description.

Probably the best feature of the ViralYouTubeSoft Video Description Builder is that it is created using spin syntax technology in the background. Without getting overly technical, what this means is that, without having to change any of the text in the question textboxs, every time you click the Create Video Description button, a new a unique version of the video description is created. This allows yout to post the same video to multiple video sharing sites with each having a unique description with the simple click of a button.

The textbox belows contains a sample video description created by the software for the keyword phrase: video description builder.

Operating Systems Compatible with Viral YouTube Soft

Viral YouTube Soft can run on the following operating systems:

Linux Compatibility

How to run Viral YouTube Soft on Linux - run Viral YouTube Soft on Linux.

MAC Compatibility

Here are a few ways Viral YouTube Soft can run on MAC - run Viral YouTube Soft on Mac.

Download Viral YouTube Soft Software

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Viral YouTube Soft software box.

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Viral YouTube Soft Technical Support

Here are step by step instructions on how to use Viral YouTube Soft Software.

If at any time you have questions about this software program and how to use it we will gladly provide you unlimited technical support by whatever channel of communication is best for you which includes:

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